do you see productions

Sometimes all you need is text to get a message across.

Meet the Utah Symphony’s Nick and Claudia Norton. Trumpet and Bass players on stage. Urban Farmer enthusiasts off stage.

Meet the Utah Symphony’s Tom Baron. Violin player on stage. Motorcycle & model airplane enthusiast off stage.

Meet the Utah Symphony’s David Park. Assistant Concertmaster on stage. Wine Connoisseur off stage.

Recent promo video I did for the Utah Symphony on Carl Nielsen’s 4th Symphony timpani battle.

A recent video I did for the Salt Lake County Health Department. We had to get ‘cheeky’ about crypto a not so fun disease you can get from public pools. Take a look :)

Checkout the recent video I produced, shot, and edited for the Utah Symphony. Meet the Utah Symphony’s Llew Humphreys. French Horn player on the stage. Cyclist off the stage.

'Peterson's Passport' Re-branding to 'do you see productions'

For those of you who have been following me at “Peterson’s Passport,” I am re-branding to be more specific to my work. Although, I will still be traveling and posting on here, it will also include my video production and freelance work. So be sure to watch for me on: Facebook  Twitter (Do_You_See), Personal Blog, and Youtube.